How to choose a child-friendly car that you can still learn to love


Child-friendly Cars

Many people find that when they have kids, they need to give up their sporty car and choose something a little more child-friendly. Some cars are designed to be more suitable for kids with special features and a spacious backseat area. While these cars might not be your first choice, there are plenty of child-friendly cars that are stylish and perform well.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the child-friendly cars that you can buy. Keep reading if you are on the market for a new car for your family. 

The Honda CRV

The first car on our list of vehicles that are child-friendly is the Honda CRV. This vehicle is one of the most economical SUVs that you will find and it is perfect for those with children. The spacious seating area in the back and the overall design will be sure to appeal to parents who want something with a bit of class. Make sure to take a closer look at this child-friendly car.

Volkswagen T Roc

The Volkswagen T Roc is a great car for growing families. It is spacious and has plenty of great features, including the ISOFIX child seat anchor points. It also has 4MOTION Active Control which allows you to deal with varying weather and road conditions. This vehicle can be customized to look slightly sportier which makes it ideal for parents dealing with the emotional adjustment of switching to a child-friendly car.

Skoda Superb (limited availability in the U.S.)

One of the issues that parents face with transporting their kids around is finding the space for the stroller, playpen, and other items. This is why the Skoda Superb is such a good car for people with kids. It offers a lot of space for good value. Even the adults in the front of the car will benefit from lots of legroom which makes it better for new parents driving to grandma’s house every weekend. The Skoda Superb should be your list for a test drive.

The Toyota RAV4

If you’re set on buying an SUV, then make sure to check out the Toyota RAV4. This SUV offers a quiet ride which makes it easy on the ears for both mom and dad as well as sleeping babies. This kid-friendly vehicle is very spacious and looks great on the road. Make sure to check out the RAV4 and you will be sure to be impressed. 

Get Shopping

Let’s face it: trading in your 2-seater convertible for a child-friendly car is a difficult pill to swallow. For many, a car represents their personality and lifestyle. But if you have a baby on the way, then you’re also making a lot of other lifestyle choices that reflect your new situation. Finding a child-friendly car won’t make you feel adventurous, fun and 20 again, but there are cars and SUVs out there that perform well and won’t make you feel like a mini-van jockey. Take our pro tip though: Look for a car that is spacious, and don’t forget to check out some SUVs. A spacious car will make driving your family around much more comfortable and trust us, you’ll be glad for the extra space to stow all the gear you’re going to be carting around very soon.

Safe driving! New baby on board!

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