Your baby’s unique brand of communication


By Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns ~~~


You might love your newborn with every cell in your being, but when you first meet you don’t know anything about this brand new person, and your baby doesn’t know you. During the first few weeks is about meeting each other and learning how to connect and communicate.

How do you learn to understand your baby? First, by staring at your newborn! A lot! I know you want to do this – and I just gave you the reason you should. Spend plenty of quiet time just observing your baby. Watch your little one’s facial expressions, body language and listen to her sounds. You will soon begin to see patterns.   You’ll notice that a certain expression proceeds crying. That a particular noise means “I’m hungry!” and that special movements and posture signal tiredness.

You cannot learn to read your baby if you are focused on your many visitors, or on being a great hostess to your company. You can’t make the most of this time if you are spending hours folding laundry or making meals. Of course, you still have to do plenty of this – but learn how to prioritize. (This will be an important way to stay happy throughout your many future childrearing years, so you might as well start now!)

Don’t let the outside world prevent you from taking the time you need to learn all about your brand-new baby. Can you tell when he’s wet his diaper? Can you tell when he wants to eat? When he is tired? These are the things you should be learning in the early weeks and having too much company, too many outings, too much distraction can get in the way of what you are learning.


Elizabeth Pantley is a mother of four, grandmother, and author of the bestselling book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns plus 8 other books in the No-Cry Solution Series, which helps Moms and Dads through all key stages of parenting.  Visit her at


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