Your new baby cold weather checklist


The right items can be lifesavers when you’re outdoors in winter with baby in tow. Here’s advice from Ali Wing, founder of baby boutique Giggle, New York City resident, and author of the new Giggle Guide to Baby Gear. Wing’s top cold weather must-have might surprise you: “One of the most forgotten items is sunscreen,” she says. “People come in to the store in winter and say, ‘I can’t believe it, my baby got sunburned.’” What else should you have on hand for the cold weather?

Sunscreen and sunglasses: “Winter sun can be strong, especially on a snow day,” Wing reminds us.

Winter bunting: If you live where it’s often cold, pick up a shell that zips from chin to toe so you can slip baby in and out of the stroller still bundled in warmth. For places with only a couple chilly days, look into a sleeping-bag style liner for your stroller.

Rain or weather shield: The former is essential, but the latter is excellent in cold climes.

Booties and mittens: “Have spares,” Wing says. “They’re the things you’re going to lose most.”

Hats: The key to getting babies to wear hats, sunglasses, and the like: “Start them young,” Wing says. If your kid absolutely won’t tolerate them, use an umbrella or sunshade to keep the rays off.

Cold cream: Shields baby’s delicate skin from strong wind and extreme cold.

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