3 things that could make your breast milk taste bad


Deciding to breastfeed your child can be a wonderful option if you’re looking to deepen the bond that you share with him or her and you’re eager to provide your baby with helpful nutrients that will work to keep harmful viruses at bay.

However, breastfeeding can be a lot of work sometimes, and if you’re a first time mother, there may be certain mistakes that you’re making – like eating the wrong foods – that are actually irritating your baby’s sensitive system!

If your baby’s been fussing more than usual, it may be because you’re eating certain foods, like the three below, that are making your breast milk taste less than spectacular. With these tips, you and your partner can gain more insight into how to make breastfeeding better for your baby, or you can get single mother support.

1. Coffee

When they’re getting ready for baby, most moms are forced to forgo their usual morning cup of Joe because caffeine and pregnancy just don’t mix. By the time the baby arrives, that hot mug of java is looking more delicious than ever, but if you’re planning to breastfeed, you should scale back on the caffeinated beverages, as these can change the taste of breast milk and make babies anxious and jittery.

2. Dairy

Certain types of dairy – specifically, milk – are full of proteins that can be difficult to digest, and for babies with tender digestive systems, too much exposure to these proteins may actually make little ones cranky and irritable. If you notice that your baby is having trouble sleeping and is more annoyed than usual, consider eliminating dairy from your diet. Doing so can ensure that your baby stays happy throughout the day!

3. Spicy foods

The taste of breast milk is very influenced by the foods you eat every day. If you’ve been on an Indian food kick and you can’t get enough chicken tikka masala, you may be on cloud nine – but chances are, your baby is less than enthused. While a few spicy foods here and there can actually be good because this will introduce your son or daughter to different types of tastes, you should be mindful of how much you’re eating and stick to moderation.


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