Satsuma Nursing Pads


Satsuma nursing pads are fantastic!

I selected them because they are organic and made with bamboo. I had read that for washable nursing pads bamboo is the most absorbent and non-irritating.  I have had no skin/nipple irritation, and my skin does seem to be more sensitive than most, especially when there is a moist/dampness factor.

When I first saw them I thought that they looked kind of big, a larger circumference than I was expecting, but then after my first overnight trial I understood why. I have woken up and had the whole pad moist, but it has been spread over the entire area. I tried the disposable pads and I would wake up with a wet patch, usually around the nipple, and this is what I was worried about becoming irritated.

They are easy to wash and dry very quickly. Love that the pack comes in 3 pairs, obviously a detail added by a nursing mother who has been through the rotation. 

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