Simple Wishes All-In-One Bra


For any mom who will be returning to work and need to breast pump this bra would be a worthwhile investment. The Simple Wishes B3 All-In-One Bra allows you to breast feed on one breast while pumping on the other. This is incredibly helpful for a myriad of reasons. For the last two months I have been pumping in order to increase my milk production and also to create some type of supply for when I return back to work. By using the bra in the morning when my milk supply is highest, I am able to pump and collect any breast milk that my son wouldn’t be able to eat in the same feeding. My milk production at 7am is about twice the volume that it is in the afternoon, so I can feed my son while still collecting enough milk for a bottle to freeze for later. I also use the bra to pump for a few minutes after every feeding in order to increase my production. I have also used the bra when I am not breastfeeding, but simply as a way to pump and collect. I find that it’s easier to put on than the Medela strapless bustier, which I always have a difficult time zipping up.
The Simple Wishes All-In-One bra is comfortable and the straps are situated in such a way to sufficiently hold two full Medela bottles. The bra comes with a separate removable strap to be worn as a halter when just pumping, but I have found I haven’t needed that additional support. Rather than a traditional cotton, the material has a silkier feel. I also like that there are several rows of hook and eye closures as it allows me to tighten the bra as I lose weight.

This bra really helps me make the most of my feeding time by increasing my milk production and allowing me to bank milk while feeding. Brilliant idea!

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