The case for public breastfeeding


Do you think breastfeeding moms should hide inside their nurseries when it’s time for their babies to eat? We say, “No way!” Here’s why we think nursing in public should be the new norm:

Boobs are for babies

There’s nothing remotely sexual about nursing our young. Anyone who says otherwise is, quite frankly, a creep. The fact that we can nourish and grow beautiful, healthy babies from milk our own bodies produce naturally is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Nursing promotes bonding and is comforting for your little one too.

Modesty, what’s that?

I know, I know – from where you’re sitting, awaiting your first baby’s arrival, you can’t imagine exposing extra skin in public. But I promise you, all your modesty goes out the window once you’re in that delivery room. Once you’ve seen the entire hospital staff framed by your knees, unhooking your bra in public is hardly a big deal.

Let’s normalize it

Why breastfeeding our babies is a taboo subject is beyond me. When we hide in our nurseries, we further the thought that nursing is wrong. The more we see babies eating out in the open, the more normal the whole act will seem. It’s a revolution, really.

Stop being isolated

There’s nothing like missing a whole hour of your grandmother’s 90th birthday because you had to hide in a back room to breastfeed your newborn. If you’re too embarrassed or ashamed to nurse your baby out in the open, you’ll be constantly sneaking out of parties and dinners to spend countless quiet hours alone. Loneliness, isolation and new motherhood is a recipe you don’t want to mix up, trust me.

Nothing to see here

Between nursing shirts and shawls that cover a woman’s chest and offer her a great deal of privacy – and baby blankets and scarves, there’s little to no chance you’ll be exposing yourself in public anyway. Whether you choose to cover your babe with a blanket is completely up to you – but be forewarned, some babies won’t stand for it. Bless the new mom who’s out there wrestling tiny hands just to keep her little one’s head covered. Let that baby eat in peace already!

It’s the law

Forty-eight states have breastfeeding laws that explicitly state a woman can nurse her baby wherever she is permitted to be. If you’re allowed inside a store, for example, you’re allowed to breastfeed your baby in that store.

So, will you be quick to breastfeed your baby in public – why or why not? Share your thoughts with all of us in the comments below!

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