App review: Contraction Master


Price: $1.99
Worth it?: Maybe

If you’re in your third trimester and are getting ready for baby to be born the old fashioned way, you might be beginning to panic about contractions. When will they start? How will you keep track of them? When will it be time to go to the hospital? Instead of freaking out, you might want to download the Contraction Master application for your smartphone.

The Contraction Master app is a useful tool if you’re planning to keep track of your contractions and monitor the time in between them without having to play a guessing game. The program lets you easily record each contraction’s strength and duration with a simple tap of the screen.

A Trend screen feature puts your contraction information into a bar graph that provides an overview of what you’ve been going through, and an email function lets you share the information with your doctor.

If you’re looking for an easy way to time your contractions for a home birth or the time spent before heading to the hospital, this app should definitely be useful. Otherwise, it may not be necessary if you’re being induced or getting ready for a planned C-section.

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