App review: I’m Expecting


Price: Free
Worth it: Yes

If you’re preparing for pregnancy with your first child, you might be a bit overwhelmed at the amount of information you’re expected to know during this exciting time. From what not to eat to what vitamins to take to which symptoms you should expect, there are many tidbits to keep track of. Add on all of those doctor’s appointments and it’s enough to make you go a little crazy!

However, you may find relief with the I’m Expecting app for the iPhone and Android. This app provides you with tons of helpful tips on things like how to alleviate painful symptoms, whether you’re at a healthy weight and what’s happening to your body and your baby on a weekly basis.

You’ll also be able to keep track of important appointments, your weight and the symptoms you experience, which can be compared to other women so you have an idea of what’s normal. iPhone users also have the advantage of taking pictures of their baby bumps and watching them grow week by week! You can even share an announcement with friends and family once your little one arrives. Because the app is free, it’s worth downloading onto your phone if you could use a little help keeping track of your pregnancy.

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