App review: Lullaby Karaoke


lullaby-karaoke-1Lullaby Karaoke is the New Way to Rock Baby to Sleep

If you think about it, getting a baby to sleep is a lot like karaoke night with your friends: There’s a lot of singing, someone has to be carried to bed, and details are a bit hazy in the morning. The two are practically destined to be a winning combination. Introducing Lullaby Karaoke, the new app that does just that.

Here’s how it works: Pick a popular lullaby, then choose from accompanying instruments — piano, bells, guitar and others, depending on the song. Click the recording button and croon along to the lyrics that highlight slowly, karaoke-style. Once you’re done, save the recording as an mp3 file, play back, delete or record again. There’s even a charming little animation to help tots along in their journey to la-la land.

To read more about Lullabye Karaoke, head over to  Red Tricycle.



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