Coddlelife Baby Bottle


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MSRP: $8.99

Designed by a dad, the Coddlelife one-piece venting system is designed to reduce colic, spit up and gas. The one-piece means less parts to clean. Unlike some baby bottles with a venting system, Coddlelife bottles have a separate air passageway that is actually part of the nipple and extends to the bottom of the bottle. When you turn the bottle upside down for feeding, the end of this tube extends past the milk, drawing air through the tube and into the air space above the milk in the bottle. The nipple shape of Coddlelife bottles also differs from others on the market: rather than being completely smooth, a ribbed texture mimics mom’s nipple creating a familiar sensation for baby and making it easier to latch on. Available in BPA-free plastic and glass versions.


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