Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle


The Options Bottle is another solid offering from Dr. Brown’s. As a breast-feeding mother who does quite a bit of pumping, it offers a nice upgrade over their Standard Bottle. The main appeal of the bottle is that it gives parents the option to use it with or without the vent system. While we almost exclusively use it with the vent system, we do like having the option to one-day use it without.


The outward appearance of the bottle is pretty similar to the Standard, with the main difference being the collar. Assembly using the vent system remains the same as other Dr. Brown’s bottles – simple and easy. For some reason, these bottles seem to fit my Medela breast pump more securely than the Standard bottles. This is a major plus for any mother who pumps as frequently as I do.


The vent system seems to work as advertised as my child has had very little gas since the switch to this bottle. He had frequent hiccup episodes with previous bottles and now they are a very rare occurrence. One minor issue with the bottle is that it occasionally leaks. I’ve noticed that if you go even slightly past the fill line, you can expect some leakage.


All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the Options bottle and would recommend it as a welcome upgrade over other bottles in the Dr. Brown’s lineup.

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