Pura’s Stainless Steel Kiki Baby Bottles

Early on, with all the talk about plastics leaching chemicals into foods, my husband and I made the decision to invest in glass baby bottles.  This was great for our baby’s first few months, as we were the ones holding the bottles for her.  However, as she became increasingly independent and wanted to hold the bottle herself, we needed a lighter and non-breakable alternative.  So, when we heard about Pura Stainless Steel’s Kiki line of baby bottles, we couldn’t wait to try them out, and we’re glad we did.  There’s so much to like about these bottles!

As promised, the bottles are light.  Not only is this beneficial for baby, but it’s really nice for me as well, lightening my load in the baby bag.  Also, because this bottle was created by Pura, a company that already has experience creating great water bottles for adults, the bottle is well manufactured with a contoured shape that feels good when held, a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning, and food-safe stainless steel that holds up well over time. 

While Pura makes a wonderful adult water bottle, I appreciate that they didn’t just add a nipple and call it a baby bottle – they actually put some good thought into how the bottle needed to evolve to suit babies and parents.  They’ve added ounce markings on the inside of the bottle so that when you look into it you can easily gauge the amount of milk you’re giving your child.  True, it’s not quite as easy as glass, which allows you to quickly see the amount of liquid from the outside even while baby is drinking, but it’s a good solution and not a bad tradeoff.  They’ve also thought about making the bottle more grip-able for small hands by adding a textured silicone sleeve that can be purchased separately.  A tip for pulling the sleeve onto the bottle: use baking soda to coat the inside of the sleeve so that it’s easier to slide on.  Without the baking soda, it’s a pretty tight fit and inserting the bottle can become somewhat daunting.

The colors of the bottles and the sleeves are fun and attractive.  Ours is a cheerful spring green in a bright orange sleeve that our daughter gravitated towards immediately.  Once she had the bottle in her hands, she wouldn’t put it down as the rubbery, raised texture of the sleeve fascinated her.  Functionally, the sleeve helps to shield little hands from the cold stainless steel, while also protecting the bottle from denting when baby inevitably drops it.

The bottle comes with a variable flow nipple that it can deliver milk at different speeds.  When attaching the nipple, be sure to screw the stainless steel collar on tightly so that you have a good seal to prevent leakage.   When your baby is ready to move on to a sippy spout, just swap out the nipple.  The familiar bottle and similar spout material (also silicone) make the transition really smooth!   The sippy spout has a valve in it that prevents spills, even when the bottle is dropped from a high chair.  While Pura has a line of nipples and spouts for their bottles, it’s nice that they’ve also made sure their design is compatible with the most popular brands out there, including Avent, Born Free and Dr. Brown’s.

With the bottle available in 5 oz and 11 oz sizes and the option of using nipples or a sippy spout, this bottle will grow with your child and accommodate her from baby to toddler.  Great to have such a versatile bottle that is also 100% plastic free!

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