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I am a mother of an 11 ½ month old girl and expecting my second child in 6 weeks. Needless to say my days are full and tiring since I am waddling around while trying to chase my little girl. Having said this, I appreciate finding fabulous products to incorporate into my family’s life that add to our wellbeing and make our lives simpler. The Pura bottle collection fits the bill. I am a health nut and extremely picky about how and what I feed my family. For the most part, we eat only organic foods, unprocessed whole foods and natural ingredients. We do not use plastic or aluminum, we avoid chemicals and additives and we do not own a microwave. Although this may sound extreme, it is really just our way of living a clean and healthy life. The Pura bottles are safe, toxin free, easy to clean and adorable; everything I look for in a product and more.
I own the Pura kiki bottle collection which is made up of a variety of bottle sizes, lids and sleeves for an infant or toddler. Here are the things that make this collection amazing, different and better than other bottles on the market:

• made of high grade stainless steel and do not contain any plastic, aluminum or toxins
• easy to clean, dishwasher safe (super convenient)
• 100% recyclable
• Can be used as a bottle or sippy cup by simply changing the nipple or sip spout
• Compatible with other manufacturer’s nipples too!
• Available in 5oz for infant and 11oz for toddler

Nipples/sip spouts
• Made of medical grade silicone
• No BPA or petroleum derived toxins and have never come in contact with plastic
• Pura makes a bottle nipples in slow medium and fast flow as well as a sip spout

Lids and sleeves
• Lids and sleeves are made of silicone not plastic so your entire bottle is 100% free of toxins
• Sleeves come in a variety of colors
• Sleeves make the bottle easier for your baby to grip

Before I came across the Pura kiki stainless bottle collection, I used glass bottles which were heavy and stood a chance of shattering. It was only a matter of time before my child threw a bottle to the ground. I was so happy to convert over to this 100% toxin free, safe, easy to clean, versatile, non-breakable, easy for my baby to hold, lightweight, colorful, environmentally safe bottle. I recommend Pura to all my mommy friends. Pura also makes water bottles for adults in a bunch of sizes and colors. So not only is my baby using a Pura bottle but I am too!

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