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The S’well water bottle is a sleek and elegant insulated water bottle that is a great accessory to keep any expectant or new mom well hydrated.  When pregnant with my first child, I was surprised by how thirsty I constantly found myself and took to carrying water around on a regular basis.  Post-birth, this need for liquids only increased as I nursed my baby and had to take in even more fluids just to keep up with my hungry little girl.  Unfortunately, when trapped on the couch with a sleeping child on my lap, it was often difficult to get up to get a fresh glass of water.  Thus, my trusty water bottle started to come in handy even when at home!

Key distinguishing traits of the S’well are its beautiful design and great insulation.  Carrying 17 oz (and also available in a larger 25 oz size), S’well is tall and narrow with an elegant tapered neck that differentiates it from the more squat bottles that populate the market.  With a smaller opening, you can easily sip drinks, though the narrower mouth and taller design makes cleaning a bit trickier – still, nothing a bottlebrush can’t handle!  (Note that the S’well bottle is not dishwasher safe.)  The bottle fits in any cup holder, including the one in your stroller, making it convenient to take along anywhere.

The double-walled insulation keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12.  Amazing!  Your tea or coffee stays warm and contained should you not be able to consume it all at once, which is often the case when you’re a new parent.  I discovered the joy of thermoses after having to constantly reheat my tea, and am even more thrilled to now have a water bottle that doubles as a thermos.  Benefits of the double-walled insulation also include keeping the bottle’s exterior a constant temperature—it’s always comfortable to hold and never wet with condensation.

The bottle is made of non-toxic, BPA-free stainless steel, which assures you that your drinks will exit the bottle as pure as they entered – no leaching of anything that will taint taste or add toxins.  The one drawback is that it will get dinged if dropped, so in a household with kids and sleep-deprived adults, it’s a given that your bottle will soon show some battle scars.  Despite this, it still functions great and continues to stand tall unlike other bottles, which dent in such a way that they start to lean to the side.

The S’well bottle comes in an assortment of classy colors, so you’re sure to find one you love and can even grab a distinct color for each member of your family.  And, if you need one more reason to love this bottle, you can feel good that they donate a portion of all proceeds to WaterAid.  S’well bottles are available at www.swellbottle.com for $35.

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