7 A.M. Enfant baby carriers


The 7 A.M. Enfant’s Blanket 212 eveloution and Le Sac Igloo are perhaps some of the highest quality and best designed items I own for my two children.  I cannot give enough praise to these baby carrier covers.  I am so impressed by the design, function and quality.


  • These baby carrier covers are multiple things in one.  They can be used as blankets, car seat covers, stroller covers and sleep sacs.
  • They provide a range of warmth.  The B212 Evolution can be zipped up completely like a cocoon or left open like a blanket.  The Le Sac has a detachable lining to add extra warmth when necessary.  And both designs have hoods that can be zipped down to lay flat or zipped up to cover your child’s head.  The Le Sac even has a detachable fur trim for extra warmth and style.  They are all insulated for warmth and have cotton lining so they are soft against your child’s skin.
  • The bottom of both carriers has a zipper to allow your baby’s feet to come out.  My daughter always has to have her feet out.  I’m not sure if all kids are like this but even when it is cold she wants her feet to stick out of the bottom.
  • There are tons of colors to choose from.  All the colors are beautiful and really stand out.
  • They are waterproof to keep your baby protected from the wet weather.
  • They are so comfortable.  My kids snuggle up inside of their 7 A.M. Enfant carriers and peek out to see the world as if they are still in their beds at home!
  • The Blanket 212 is adjustable both lengthwise and widthwise.  With snaps, zippers and Velcro you can adjust it various different ways to fit nearly any child.  The Le Sac igloo can be purchased in 3 different sizes and although it is not necessarily adjustable lengthwise, it can be unzipped at the bottom to provide your growing child with more legroom by allowing him/her to stick their feet out.


  • Costly but worth it!

I just love my 7 A.M. Enfant Le sac igloo and Blanket 212!  They are the best baby carrier covers I have ever seen.  They are so attractive and so well made.  Living in San Francisco, these are essentials because it is always a little chilly here.  I would recommend these products to any mommy in need of a little (or a lot of) warmth and comfort for their kids while out and about.

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