The lighter and even more portable version of the Boba Carrier, the BobaAir is the perfect baby carrier for taking with you anywhere and everywhere.  Given how much gear a parent has to carry, I’m always highly grateful when a brand comes out with a product that is not only useful, but takes up minimal room and weighs as little as possible.  The Boba Air gets high marks on all accounts!

This awesome carrier will fit a child 15-45 pounds (including my almost 3 year old!) while still folding down to the size of a pocketbook.  This is fantastic for stashing in your diaper bag or leaving in your glove compartment for those moments when you’re out and realize that you need a hands-free way to carry your child.  This happens to me all the time, so I’m glad to now have a solution for those many moments.

To accomplish such compact storage and weigh less than a pound, the BobaAir does give up padding, making it less attractive for long carrying sessions with a heavier child.  However, it’s still very well designed to distribute weight, so it’s actually surprisingly more comfortable than you may expect and will certainly save you during quick trips.  I also love it for long walks when my older child grows weary and needs a lift for the last few steps.

Made of 100% nylon, the carrier feels sturdy and, despite how light and thin it is, is more than capable of bearing the weight of your child.  The material also lends itself to easy cleaning and is great for stuffing into the built-in pocket without the need to do any fancy origami folding. The pocket turns inside out to become a pouch for containing the carrier when not in use – a thoughtful design making it impossible to lose the carrying pouch.

The BobaAir strips out some fancy features that other carriers have to achieve a simple design that is so portable, but it keeps many well-loved features of the Boba Carrier 3G.  It can accommodate a child both in front (facing in) and back positions, and it has a sleeping hood, which is a must-have for a sleeping baby as well as for protection against sun and wind.  Also, the straps are still highly adjustable, making this a great fit for parents of all sizes.

The BobaAir is highly recommended for those of us who don’t want to be strapped to a baby carrier for the entire time we’re out of the house.  Now, rather than leaving an unoccupied carrier awkwardly hanging from our bodies, there’s an option to simply fold it up and put it away when not in use.   Ahhhh…freedom!

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