Front Snugli Herringbone Carrier


[amazon asin=B004TF2CNA&text=Front Snugli Herringbone Carrier]

MSRP: $39.99

7-26 lbs

At an attractive price point, the Front Snugli is a basic front carrier with the option to face in or out. Easily put it on by pulling it over your head and fastening the buckles from the front and sides, so that you never have to reach behind you. However, note that the buckles can be tricky and may take some practice. As you tighten the side straps, criss-cross straps at your back selfadjust for a comfortable fit, a feature unique to this model. Detach one side of the carrier to easily navigate baby’s arms and legs into the openings. The head support buckles swivel so that you can flip down the head support and feel confident that the flap will stay in place. This is great when you have a baby who likes to look around when awake but benefits from extra head support when asleep. As a basic model, the Front Snugli’s padding is somewhat minimal, which accounts for the lower maximum weight and makes it more ideal for younger babies and shorter trips. The fabric is easy-to-clean and comes in stylish patterns that are fun but neutral enough for dad to enjoy. An accessory ring provides a convenient attachment for a pacifier or toy.


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