Infantino EcoSash Wrap & Tie Carrier


[amazon asin=B003ZUXU4U&text=Infantino EcoSash Wrap & Tie Carrier]

MSRP: $59.99

8-35 lbs

Ecosash is a stylish carrier with two looks in one—a beautiful fabric print can be reversed to present a more basic solid color panel. With a belt that ties at your waist and wide, padded shoulder straps that criss-cross at your back and tie behind baby, this mei tai-style carrier is buckle-free, making it highly adjustable and extremely easy to fold up and carry in the included mesh bag. The EcoSash hugs your baby closer to your body than many other carriers and holds her legs in a more spread position, which some prefer as a more natural position for baby’s hips. Strap guides provide two different positions for the straps and, along with a nice firm knot, give you confidence that the straps won’t slip or come loose. The straps can be a little long (especially if you’re on the more petite side), so beware of them dragging while you’re trying to get baby in place. Choose between carrying your baby snugly in front – facing in or facing out—or on your back




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