Infantino Flip Soft Comfort Carrier


[amazon asin=B003I867WQ&text=Infantino Flip Soft Comfort Carrier]

MSRP: $39.99

8-32 lbs

A soft-structured carrier at an amazing price, the Infantino Flip keeps the must-have features while stripping out the extras. With the option of carrying your child in front (inward facing or forward facing) as well as in back, this is a versatile carrier that is low on bulk and simple to put on. By unclasping buckles that attach the pouch to the shoulder straps, you can easily get baby into the carrier without navigating her legs through tight openings. While baby rides comfortably with padded head/back support, breathable fabric and two sets of straps for adjusting the size of the pouch, the Flip can be less comfortable for the wearer—shoulder straps and waist strap are less padded than those on other carriers, making it less optimal for heavier children or longer periods of carrying. If you are on the taller side, try this carrier on before buying, as the waist strap doesn’t sit as well on longer torsos. A doublesided bib—which protects the carrier from dribbles when baby faces out and protects your shirt when she faces in—is a nice addition, and a small pocket for carrying personal items or a spare pacifier certainly comes in handy.


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