Moby Wrap Baby Carrier


[amazon asin=B000OY539A&text=Moby Wrap Baby Carrier]

MSRP: $44.95 (available in 100% organic cotton for $59.95)

Birth to 35 lbs

When parents think of a wrap, many of them go straight to the Moby, which consists of a large swath of fabric that can be arranged to hold baby in several facing-in positions including hug, hip and kangaroo holds. While it can be tricky to navigate so much fabric the first few times, Moby provides great step-by-step visual instructions as well as online videos to walk you through the process of putting on/taking off the wrap. After a few tries, the carrier is pretty straightforward to use. Once on, the wide fabric distributes baby’s weight well across the whole of your shoulders and back. When watching me try on this carrier, my toddler wanted in, and we were both surprised at how comfortable this wrap remained, even with a 25-pound load. As a wrap, this carrier holds baby as close as possible and is great for skin-to-skin contact. It maintains a snug hold without being bulky and without the danger of buckles or straps digging into you or baby. One noticeable challenge of a wraptype carrier is trying to get it on and off without dragging the long fabric on the floor. The upside is that the entire wrap is easy to wash and dry. For transport, the wrap can be rolled up and carried in an included drawstring pouch.


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