My Savior: The Kelty Transit Backpack


The Kelty Transit 3.0 Backpack arrived just in time! My large seven month old was more than ready to have a better
view of his surroundings. Initially, he loved being nestled against my chest in the Ergo (another carrier I love)
but he now was ready to check out the world. Before the pack arrived, I was a bit skeptical as to its place in our
line of carriers. We also own the Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Backpack which we use for hikes. I can now say that I am
a believer and that the Transit has a permanent place in our home!


With a full house including an energetic 2.5 year old toddler, a 7 month old, and two enthusiastic golden retrievers, walks with all of us were quite the adventure! The Kelty Backpack has come to our rescue. I can comfortably carry my 20 pound baby without my back hurting and I have my hands free to chase my toddler on his scooter and our dogs are ecstatic to be able to join the fun. I recommend this backpack for urban adventures and walks around town. It’s not too bulky so can be easily thrown in the car and worn during errands. We also own the Kelty Green which is more substantial. We use this version for hikes where the adult requires additional support.


  • Removable shade visor for the baby
  • Built-in changing pad and diaper pouch
  • Lots of easily accessible pockets for keys and miscellaneous items
  • Compact profile


  • It doesn’t stand up on its own quite as well as the Pathfinder which comes with a metal frame
  • Hard to position child in the absolute center of the pack


All in all, I would recommend the Transit backpack. It’s perfect for neighborhood walks and running errands around town when your child has outgrown front carriers and/or your back needs the additional support of a structured pack. I’ve also found it a lifesaver to be able to keep my hands free with two little ones in tow.

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