Review: Infantino Carry On Multi-Pocket Baby Carrier


If you want your husband to be able to work a carrier all on their own this is the one for you. As I like to say, it’s so easy my husband can do it. You put it on like a back pack on the front or back and snap the waist band and you’re done. There’s no crisscrossing straps. It’s straightforward and simple.

My husband never wore a carrier with our first baby and wears this one all the time. By now you can probably tell that is one really big reason I love the Infantino Carrier. The other is that it serves as a diaper bag as well as a carrier. I can strap my baby on and put a few diapers, wipes, snacks, keys, phone, pacifier, and then head to the zoo with my toddler and baby. No extra baggage. I even clip a little water bottle to the strap. I’ve never found a carrier that can hold this much, let alone anything at all.

I am huge on where the straps hit on my body. After giving birth to my 10 lb. babies,  I’ve been known to carry a little extra weight for a while after. These straps cover the “muffin top” area, concealing it perfectly! The back straps hit in the same spots where a backpack would if you were to wear it backwards – which means no unsightly back fat.

The Infantino Multi-Pocket is a comfortable, easy to wear, baby carrier that is not only convenient but makes a parent feel good when they wear it. For self-conscious mothers like myself, you will not feel insecure with this carrier as it doesn’t accentuate those problem areas like other carriers can. I would highly recommend this carrier to other parents.

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