Baby Change N Go Portable Diaper Station


Calling all germaphobes!

If you’ve ever used a bottle of hand sanitizer to wipe down a diaper-changing station. If you’ve ever ducked out of a restaurant to swap a diaper out in your car. If you’ve ever let your little one sit in a dirty diaper a bit longer than you should have just to avoid the family bathroom—then this item is definitely for you.

The Baby Change N Go ($99.99) is a portable diaper-changing station that will revolutionize the way you clean up your little one while on the go. Constructed of durable, heavy-weight materials, the station is meant to hold a baby or toddler up to 40 pounds. It’s undergone rigorous third-party safety testing so you don’t have to panic about your child taking a tumble.

The Baby Change N Go clips over the bathroom stall door and your child fits inside as if laying in a hammock. Once fully extended, the station reveals three mesh pockets for diaper-changing essentials. And, once the deed is done, the station collapses and folds flat back into your diaper bag. It’s that easy and compact.

To put it mildly, public changing stations are gross—and there’s always a horror story about one coming unhinged and letting a toddler roll across the floor. With the Baby Change N Go, I have felt much more at ease dealing with a diaper dilemma while out with friends.

The first time I used the station, I brought my daughter into a narrow stall. That is a mistake I won’t soon be repeating. With baby parallel to the stall door, I had to perform some mild acrobatics to remove the soiled diaper and clean her bottom thoroughly which is more contact than I’d like to have with a bathroom stall.

The handicap stall, when not needed by other patrons, makes for a much smoother diaper change. I wouldn’t say that I’d say, leave my baby hanging on the door while I went to use the toilet myself, but I did feel she was secure with me standing right next to her.

The station itself is narrow, so for a newborn or infant, this is a good fit. For an older toddler, I’d much prefer having the child stand and change the diaper that way.

At the end of the day, some parents may see the Baby Change N Go as a needless item. But for me, I won’t go out without it. It gives me peace of mind that my little one isn’t coming in contact with germs left behind by someone else—and it’s small enough that I don’t mind toting it around.

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