AXL Henley Jumper


AXL makes quality, chic clothing for infants.  Manufactured in San Francisco, their line is born from a culture that promotes style, craftsmanship, local businesses and eco-consciousness.  Evident in their quality, these values make for fantastic clothing that both you and baby will adore.

The Cobalt Henley Jumper is a fashionable one-piece, long-sleeved outfit in complimentary bold blue and gray colors that stands out in a children’s clothing market that’s highly populated with pastels and patterns.  100% organic cotton, the Jumper is comfortably soft, making it great for both play and naptime – fantastic in those early months when you want to eliminate as many clothing changes as possible!

The neckline is on the narrow side for a snug fit. Nickel-free snaps can be undone to facilitate pulling the Jumper over your wiggling baby’s head.  Snaps along the inseam make changing diapers simple while keeping baby’s upper body covered and warm.  After having had the joy of clothing and changing a couple babies, these are features that I can deeply appreciate.

The AXL Jumpers are available from Newborn through 18 months and do run on the small side, so you may want to buy a size up just to be on the safe side.

Both utilitarian and gorgeously elegant, AXL’s designer clothing line is sure to be appreciated by mom, dad and all who look upon your baby.  Check out their full offering from bodysuits to shirt/pant separates, hats and even blankets at

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