Babiators introduces Swim Goggles for babies and kids


Just in time for summer, we tried the new Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles. We already have two pair of the Babiators sunglasses which we absolutely love, so trying the Babiators swim goggles was a no-brainer. The swim goggles are more of a mask than goggles. This is great for younger swimmers, like my two-year-old, because they are much easier to put on and the wider footprint means less pressure near the eyes. But even for my older daughter, who already has experience wearing traditional goggles, the mask style was novel because she said it improved her visibility. Even though the mask has 100% UV protection, it is not tinted, which greatly adds to the visibility factor. Both kids were jazzed about being able to see everything underwater and I was happy that their eyes were protected from chlorine in the pool and the sun. We’re all looking forward to taking these on our next vacation and seeing what there is to see in the ocean!

By far, my favorite feature on the Babiators swim goggles, though, is the adjustable band.  Most goggles you have to yank and pull and then hope they end up even.  These goggles have a simple push button on each side that you depress and then gently pull the strap to adjust. It can even be done when they are on the wearer’s head. Within seconds, I easily had each pair adjusted for each child. I will admit, the kids’ favorite part is the cool submarine case that the goggles came in.

And, of course, I absolutely love how strongly Babiators stands behind its products, offering a replacement if they are broken or lost.

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