Katebaby Organic Cotton Pajamas – Review


My kids love hanging out in their PJs and since I have them eat breakfast before getting dressed, in an effort to keep their clothes clean just a few minutes longer, we go through many sets of PJs a week. Because we are such PJ experts, I was excited to try the new offering by Katebaby. These PJs (along with everything else sold on the website) are made from organic cotton. And, eventually, they plan to do all manufacturing and sourcing domestically. Both of which are missions I am happy to support as a consumer.

And in this case, it’s an easy thing to do. The PJs are really cute, designed with stylish color combinations and patterns, almost with a retro look. My son wore the 2-piece in Gray Woods set. When I first took them out of the package I was concerned because they didn’t feel as soft as I expected, or in comparison to other PJs we have. The tag said they become softer with wash so I put them right into the wash and even after just one wash, they did become noticeably softer. Now, after about 5 washes, they are really soft and cozy. Size-wize, the fit is very similar to other PJs we have, which is something that is baffling to me. I know they make PJs fit very snug for safety reasons. But it seems like they try to make up for the snugness by putting extra length in the arms and legs, creating something of a sausage effect on my little ones’ arms and legs when I have to bunch up the sleeves and legs to get all the fabric above their wrists and ankles. Anyway, that’s a long way of saying you need to size up. I had to squeeze my average sized 2 year-old son’s arms and legs into the 3T (though they fit great through the body).

We will definitely be adding these into our rotation, hopefully along with another pair or two!

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