Mbaby Onester & Sleepster


We tried the mbaby onester and sleepster because of its advertised double-layer front. Our baby doesn’t like being swaddled, but then seems to struggle with being hot and cold throughout naptimes and nighttime. We’ve been adjusting the room temperature, but we live in CA and it really never is super cold or super hot. We weren’t too sure what was going on and then our pediatric nurse recommended finding clothes that might be better insulated. I had no idea what that meant, or what types of materials we would look for. A mom in my mom’s group sent me the mbaby link and here we are.  Can’t say that all our nap/sleep issues have been resolved, but there was a marked difference on instances where the onester or sleepster was being worn.

We love the convertible feet on the sleepster, Such a nice, functional addition. On a few lucky occasions we’ve been able to open up the feet in the middle of the nap without interrupting sleep time. innovations1


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