PAIGELAUREN baby romper


The PAIGELAUREN BABY – CLASSIC TWOFER ROMPER W/FOOTSIE with matching hat and little blanket is one of the sweetest  little outfits I own for my new baby boy.  It is so very soft and comfy for my little guy and he looks so adorable in it.  I have the meadow green colored romper which is just beautiful on him.  It has snaps running down the entire length of it which makes diaper changing quick and easy.  It has a charcoal colored thin stripe and white stitching on the seams which gives this set a very natural earthy look.   The blanket has stripes on one side and polka dots on the other as does the little hat.  The whole outfit is just deliciously cute!!  I also like how these items are made with such a high quality cotton blend, making them durable and oh so comfy.  The high quality of this line allows my baby to be snuggled up without getting too hot.  I just love everything about this outfit.  The only downside is that I have the smallest size and he no longer fits into it.  I wish I had gotten a larger one that he was able to grow into.

PAIGELAUREN baby has various different collections, sizes, colors and patterns of clothing, hats and blankets.  The average outfit is $45, some are more and some are less.  I think most people would be more than happy to get a PAIGELAUREN baby gift for their baby….especially with the holidays coming up.  For me, as a cost conscious mommy of two, this line is great for the occasional splurge or present.  I highly recommend PAIGELAUREN baby to anyone!  It pains me that my little boy no longer fits into his PAIGELAUREN baby outfit anymore 🙁


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