Satsuma Baby Poncho and Mittens


As a new mom, I was petrified of cutting my newborn’s fingernails and also so disturbed to see him scratch his face with his nails. My solution: onesies with mittens attached to the sleeves. However, I had a bunch of adorable clothes I’d be given that I still wanted him to wear and thankfully I had the Satsuma baby mittens to pair them with. Made of 100% organic bamboo, the mittens were soft against baby’s skin and the elastic that secured the mittens around the wrists were not too tight. They somehow managed to stay on my little one during naptimes when I didn’t swaddle him, which is quite a feat as he manages to get out of most socks, swaddles, blankets, etc.  I love how they came packed – with an adorable mandarin cardboard backing and think they’d make the perfect gift for expecting families. The only con I can mention is that I wish they came in more patterns and colors. We have the natural color, but seeing some of Satsuma’s other designs and fabrics, I’d love to be able to purchase some mittens in different colors and patterns.

The baby poncho is genius! Lightweight and roomy enough not to require buttons and snap enclosures, this poncho can easily go over baby’s other clothes and outerwear. I loved the choice in patterns and that they are very gender neutral. It is marked as a one size fits all for babies and toddlers and my guess is that as my baby grows into a toddler, the poncho may come in a bit short on him. The company does say it can be worn over carriers as well and I will have to try that when the rain comes. The price is really affordable as well – at $35 and knowing this is an item that he will be able to grow into for some time, I felt it was a good value. It’s a unique item too and one that makes for a great gift for the family that already “has it all” for baby.

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