Skylar Luna Organic Cotton Romper


I received a Skylar Luna onesie for my son and love the feel of the cotton. The onesie we have is a size 3-6 month and while my son doesn’t quite fit into it yet, I can’t wait to put it on him. There are cute retro cars all over it in colors red, blue and green. The print of the onesie is fun and whimsical and reflects the more playful style we like to dress our son in.

Even better than the softness of the material, their clothes are made from 100% premium Turkish Organic Cotton and are free of all fire retardant chemicals. Most of the shopping I have done for baby clothes that are organic has resulted in finding prints patterns that are more muted and minimalist in style. I like that Skylar Lunar has included some fun prints that have a pit more pizzazz to their assortment.

I’ve washed the piece already and have found that the softness holds up (in fact got even more soft in the wash!) and the item did not shrink. These will make the perfect pajama and “man about town onesie” when we are ready to venture out. Can’t wait to show off these new duds!

I also love the little organic cotton pouch that the set came in. It’s reusable and I’ve found it’s a good place to keep track of those pacifiers that always seem to run off and disappear.

There’s a limited offering of the onesies available on Amazon and online, but the toddler pajamas will be something I definitely order for the future.

My only criticism is I wish it was a brand I could locate at a retail store where I live (San Francisco) as the only place I seem to be able to order is online.

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