Snapper Rock UV50+ Swimwear – Review


We just tried out our new swimwear from Snapper Rock at our local water park. My daughter, a swimwear aficionado, wore a one-piece swimsuit with a matching short sleeve rash guard and my son wore board shorts with a matching long sleeve rash guard. We all loved the suits and received a few compliments from fellow swimmers.

My first impression was of the bright, beautiful colors – the suits just look great! We have worn them a few times and, so far, the colors seem to be resistant to fading. I also appreciate the cute (but not too cute) child-appropriate styles.  They appear to be well-made from strong fabric and durable.

The Snapper Rock website makes it pretty easy to mix and match the various pieces for boys.  However, the girls’ suits are mostly sold as sets, which makes the matching foolproof but allows for less selection in terms of color or short vs. long sleeve.  For example, I would have liked a one-piece suit and a long sleeve shirt for my daughter but the one-piece suits only come with short sleeve shirts (What’s the point of UV50+ if it doesn’t cover your skin?  As long as she’s going to wear a shirt, it may as well cover everything.)

As for fit, I ordered both suits according to their current ages on the charts and they were true-to-size.  One strange observation on the shirts was that the girls’ shirt is cut pretty wide and boxy while the boys’ shirt is more tapered and fitted through the body.  At this age, boys and girls still have a similar body shape so I found it odd that the cut would differ so much.  My daughter was annoyed that the shirt would ride up in the water because it was so loose.  If I were to order again (and I definitely would), I would just order her the same boys’ long sleeve shirt that my son had.  The more fitted shape meant that it stayed put on land and in water.

Finally, the most important benefit, we all loved that the UV50+ allowed for less of a pre-swim struggle and wait with sunscreen. I covered their faces before we left and put their hats on.  When we got to the pool, they were able to jump right in and I felt great knowing that they were protected.

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