Stride Rite Snoot Toddler Snow Boot


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I know it’s nearly April but given that it’s still snowing in Colorado and in Tahoe, you all should check out the best toddler snow boot I’ve tried, the Stride Rite Snoot!  The name is cute, and the boot is awesome.  A cross between a sneaker and a snow boot, it is easy to get on and off, and allows my daughter to walk around just like she does wearing her normal shoes.

My daughter is nearing three years old and we’ve taken her to the snow every season, trying several snow boots along the way.  She was a late walker so her physical therapist recommended Stride Rite hands-down as the best shoes for kids learning to walk as they are so well-made and supportive.  Until the Snoot, there wasn’t a snow boot option though, and she struggled to walk in the hard-soled, foot-encasing toddler snow boots that were available.  It’s tough enough to be a beginning walker in the slick snow without having to muscle your boots around.  Plus, I struggled with getting those big lugs on her feet.

This year, we got her a pair of Snoots just prior to a family ski trip to Jackson Hole.  What a difference!  The Snoot is basically a Stride Rite sneaker that is insulated, seam-sealed, water-resistant and has a cuff that can be folded down to easily take them on or off, or pulled up and cinched tight to keep out snow and ice.  The Snoots were the only shoes we brought for my daughter on our trip which included a few overnights in San Francisco, so we just folded down the cuff when we weren’t in the snow.  She loved them!  They felt just like the sneakers she is used to wearing at home but they kept her feet warm and dry in the snow.  The flexible sole had plenty of traction which allowed her to be sure-footed in the snow and ice, and she had more fun because she was more confident.  We even strapped them into her little toddler skis and they worked great.  Though my daughter just wore hers on the plane, Snoots are also great for packing because they collapse down instead of taking up a lot of suitcase space.  I haven’t tried washing them yet, but the company also states they are machine washable.

I am so grateful to Stride Rite for continuing to make supportive, high-quality shoes for all occasions.  Until they make a rain boot, we’re going to be using the Snoot for all inclement weather!

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