Tamiko – a European clothing line for preemies


I recently introduced a good friend and new mom of twin girls to Tamiko, a clothing line especially designed for premature babies and originally created in Europe. Tamiko collaborated with doctors and nurses to create garments that address the challenges posed by the realities of a nicu setting. The ingenious design allows the onesie to be opened entirely from the front making it much easier to care for premature babies who may be attached to wires and rely on tubes during their early days.

This unique and patent-pending design proves quite useful beyond the hospital confines too.  My friend and newly minted mom to twins raved about the clever front snap design that made dressing her girls a breeze as there’s no need to struggle with pulling the outfit over delicate heads. This is very handy for new parents still getting used to their little ones!

Beyond the supreme functionality, I’ve fallen in love with the delightful, gender-neutral styles and soft cotton. Tamiko’s European heritage is evident. The onesies come in three sizes – small preemie, preemie, and newborn – and several styles. My favorite pieces are the cream onesie with cornflower blue skirt and the chic lavender and green striped long sleeve top. I only wish they offered larger sizes!


  • Soft cotton
  • No prickly tags
  • Ingenious snaps make for easy dressing
  • Great colors



  • Limited styles & colors
  • Not available in larger sizes!


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