Review: Baby Deedee Sleep Sacks


We love our Baby Deedee Sleep sacks.

We swaddled our son for the first two months, but once he found his thumb and a way to self soothe, we realized we were better off swapping him to a sleep sack. I had been given one that was a Halo fleece material that probably would have worked better if we lived in a cold climate. We live in San Francisco and the temperature in our home is never very warm or very cold. I felt like the material of the Halo was very stiff, not very soft and didn’t breathe well.

I was at a friend’s house when I saw that her three year old was using Baby Deedee’s Sleep Nest and absolutely loved it. Her mom claimed she had used the same one since she was 18 months and it was her night time “soothie” in many ways. I ended up a Sleep Nest and Sleep Nest Lite for my son, who was 6 months at the time and am so glad I did. He loves the coziness of the Sleep Nest and now associates the Sleep Nest with his night time routine and the Sleep Nest Lite with his day time naps (he is 14 months and still taking two naps a day). We upgraded to a large when he was 10 months as he is very tall for his age and he still has plenty of room to kick and move around.

I love that Nest Sleep Sack keeps him warm, but doesn’t have him hot and sweating at night. If it’s a warmer evening, I’ll usually just put a long sleeve shirt and socks on him and the Nest over that. The materials for both designs is very soft. We wash them one or two times a week and the material has stood up to the wear and tear very well (the sack hasn’t pilled and the zipper zips very easily). The snaps around the shoulder make it easy for me to get him in and out of the sack when he is on the changing table and sucking his thumb. I can actually get him in it without having to remove his thumb, which is a big win.

We recently received the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest and Sleep Nest Lite for our baby girl who is on the way. I was so happy to receive them in an adorable grey/pink color combo as I was probably just going to have her use my son’s hand-me-downs. Now I can pass his on to another family when he’s outgrown it and give her her very own. If there is one sleep sack you plan on getting, these two (the Sleep Sack Nest and Sleep Sack Nest Lite) would be the two I’d recommend.

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