Review: Peek Plus Internet Baby Monitor System


[amazon asin=B008ROJSUE&text=Peek Plus Internet Baby Monitor System]

MSRP: $349.99

2.5” color screen; night vision; 2.4 Ghz; 600’ range; free app for iPad/iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PCs and Macs


 The Peek Plus has all the features you want, combining the best of off-line and WiFi models. You can carry the included video monitor on your belt and watch it all over the house with sizeable range. Or, you can access video on your phone or internet while Dad and Grandma (up to 3 viewers) see the same images and sound over the Internet on a password-protected network.  The network logs you out after 10 minutes when not in use. The only drawbacks here are the significantly higher price, as well as the required bridge unit (included) that connects to your Ethernet network to make the WiFi work. This means another set of wires to deal with, though the bridge unit can be kept away from the camera.

Best if you want everything and willing to pay for it.

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