Review: Samsung Smart Cam 1010 WiFi Monitor


[amazon asin=B008J4DQ0A&]

MSRP: $149.00

No screen; night vision; works with free apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs, and Macs. Range only limited by WiFi

The Samsung SmartCam takes full advantage of WIFI to increase the possibilities of a baby monitor. Setup is easy if you have WIFI in the house. This is the monitor of choice for the social media-connected. It will Tweet to your account, or email you to signal a movement or sound from the baby’s room. It will also post motion or sound-activated video and stills directly to YouTube and Picasa so you can quickly share with friends and the world. It runs on AC power and is connected to the Internet via either Ethernet cables or WIFI. Up to 10 users can access the camera at the same time and an unlimited number of cameras can be added to the network. Like other monitors, the SmartCam has night vision.

Surprisingly, given its small footprint, this monitor also has small speakers on the camera unit for two-way talk.

Best for social media-lovers.

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