Blooming Bath Baby Bath


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MSRP: $39.99

This tub is unlike any other tub. First, it is made of a very light, soft and cuddly material that will cradle your baby so comfortably you might wonder if they make these for adults. Second, due to its size and “blooming” effect, this tub is really only suitable for use in the sink rather than an adult tub. As its name suggests, this “tub” is shaped like a flower that will “bloom” based on how big your sink is and can be used in bathroom or kitchen sinks.

The Blooming Bath keeps baby in the water and comes up high enough to support baby’s head, cushioning hard or pointed surfaces that might harm baby while in the sink. Once bath time is over, you can wring the Blooming Bath and hang it up to dry using the loop on its outer area or place in the dryer. It is easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about it taking over too much real estate in your bathroom. It is a unique accessory you can use to bathe baby.

This “tub” is limited in terms of age. It is recommended that depending on the size of baby, it can only be used for up to 4-6 months of age. However, if you’re looking for a unique, yet useful baby bath, this is your answer. The Blooms come in 4 colors: Turquoise, Ivory, Hot Pink, and Canary Yellow.

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