Prince Lionheart weePOD® basix Potty Seat Review


My daughter has been potty trained since she was 18 months, which is amazing and I’m really grateful.  But perhaps I’m greedy – I want more.  I really don’t like cleaning the ”little potty” and won’t consider her fully trained until she can complete all the potty business without any assistance or any mess.  That means using the ”big potty” for all potty needs; and that’s where the Prince Lionheart weePod seat comes into play.

Since we got it, she has really taken the initiative to use the big potty herself.  It has a very simple design with no moving parts so it’s very easy for her to just pick it up, put it on the potty, and climb on.  She immediately figured out which way it goes on the potty and how to get herself onto it.  And the first time she sat on it, she looked up at me, smiled, and said ”comfy”.  Rather than a hard plastic, like our other potty seat, it’s made out of a softer, squishier, rubbery material.  I’m glad she’s more comfortable, but sometimes wondering if it’s helping her draw out bedtime in those last minute potty sessions.  So, in short, it’s working and we’re both very happy with it.

The only minor negatives have already been addressed by Prince Lionheart.  First, though it adds another part, I would prefer to have a handle to pick it up off the toilet.  The other weePOD model does have a handle.  Second, I don’t particularly like the grey color – it feels a little drab and institutional.  But, it is also available in more vibrant blue and pink.

In sum, I’m so excited my days of cleaning the little potty are almost over and the weePOD basix seat was a huge help in making the transition to the big potty.

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