Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Bath Cradle

July 19, 2013 by

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Bath Cradle

[amazon asin=B004EWGDDS&text=Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Bath Cradle]

MSRP: $22.99

The most light-weight and basic out of all the tubs. This tub can be used in a sink or tub. It is a contoured tub that comes with a soft foam insert, making it quite comfortable for baby. It is perfect for newborn sponge baths as it does not allow for the collection of too much water. It is very easy to clean and folds flat for easy storage. If you are looking for a tub that is no frills and gets the job done, this is the one for you.

 Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Bath Cradle

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