Skip Hop’s new Moby non-slip bath mat


Bath time is fun time every night at our house. My 2.5 year old has been enjoying her nightly bath routine since birth and really enjoys her playtime in the tub. When she was ready for the big tub, we ordered a boring, non-descript rubber mat to cushion the tub for when she was laying down and not quite stable enough to sit up steadily. It does the job, but definitely doesn’t add to the ambiance. So when we took the new Skip Hop mat out of it’s package she was so excited to bring it into the tub.  The whale and the colors met her approval. The mat stuck well to the bottom of the tub and she readily incorporate the whale into her water games.

One thing to note: Now that we have two littles, I sometimes try to make bath time a little more efficient by taking everyone into the shower. Because of it’s size, I thought this mat would be perfect for the shower floor. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s designed for standing as the surface is just a little too slick for the shower, so I would definitely recommend using for seated children in the tub only. Which leads to another size tip – the mat is the perfect size for one baby. If you bathe two together, I’d suggest getting one for each of them.  Double the fun!


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