ZOOCHINI Bath Towels


ZOOCHINI ZebraWe have a ton of kid towels, and my favorite is the ZOOCHINI Ziggy the Zebra hooded towel. The towel is made of 100% cotton, the base of the towel being terry and the stripes and accents a soft velour. The little details such as fringe tail and the zebra mane are adorable. And, the ZOOCHINI towel is the softest towel I have ever come across. I love wrapping up my baby in the towel right his bath. In fact, the cotton may be softer and more plush than any of the grown-up towels we have… The towel is short in height but wide, making it easy to wrap it all the way around your child. Right now, ZOOCHINI offers 9 designs and I appreciate that they are all pretty much all gender neutral. Although I initially used ziggy the zebra with my infant son, my preschooler and Kindergartener are big fans as well.

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