Apothederm® Hydrating Eye Cream Review


Through the years, I’ve tried many department store brand eye creams. I’ve had varying degrees of success with each, but Apothederm ranks high as a favorite on my list.

One reason being, Apothederm eye cream comes in a small pump application, making it easy for me to get just the right amount. As you may know the skin under your eye is extremely thin, therefore application technique is important. The ability to control the portion applied, by pumping a tiny drop on my ring finger allows me to lightly dabble in the appropriate area without going over board with force or too much eye cream. Secondly, this product is extremely lightweight, I feel confident that my eyes will stay hydrated without the concern of milia spots (bumpy white lumps) caused by heavy eye cream over time.

I saw results instantly after applying, as backed by the ingredients the “Shea butter and glycerin work together to correct dry, dehydrated skin while Squalane replenishes and protects your skin’s natural moisture balance”. After using the product over the course of two weeks, I see a major difference in reduced fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

This product cost about $40.00 for 0.5oz. You can order it online at Apothederm’s website

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