Luma Brush – super quick and easy straightener


The Luma Brush ($79) is proving to be a game changer when it comes to my morning routine. It’s a brush that also straightens your hair. It heats up in 60 seconds and then you use it like a brush to straighten your hair.

As moms the world over know, once little ones enter the picture, there’s hardly time for a beauty routine. This timesaving device may be the answer to a new moms’ prayer.


A few benefits of the Luma Brush include:

  • It’s fast. It takes me a lot less time to straighten my hair.
  • It’s easy. I don’t need to divide my hair into sections, I can use much bigger sections of hair at a time and it just works.
  • It works for different hair types, from what I can see from using this, it works for super curly hair, as well as for people like me who just have an awkward wave
  • It’s ceramic and doesn’t damage my hair.
  • No weird kinks. Sometimes with a straightener I get weird kinks in my hair from holding it on one section for too long.  That just isn’t a problem with the Luma Brush.
  • Maintains natural volume of hair.
  • Perfect for when you wake up, post gym, or after a quick ‘flip your head over’ blow dry.
  • Easy to pack. I travel often and find this is super easy to throw in my suitcase and take anywhere.


Note that you do have to hold the other end of the clump of hair that you’re straightening in order to get it to work, which takes some getting used to. The bottom line? If you’re looking for the perfectly sleek and stick-straight look, this might not be for you. I find that the brush effect actually helps me straighten while keeping some volume. For me, this means the Luma Brush is perfect to use as an everyday part of my morning routine.  


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