Coyuchi Crib Mattress Pad


Preparing for the birth of a child includes an extraordinary number of purchases and, along the way, compromises are made because, frankly, it gets really expensive. However, there are certain items where second best just isn’t good enough. For me, bedding is chief among them, which is why I love Coyuchi. Given how much time a baby spends in her crib and in such close proximity with the bedding, it’s essential to me that all related materials be natural and free of chemicals. Coyuchi shares this belief. Over 20 years they’ve established a bath and bedding line that is woven from 100% certified organic cotton that meets Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

The Coyuchi Mattress Pad consists of a single layer of organic cotton batting sewn between organic cotton percale on one side and organic cotton sateen on the other. The percale sheet keeps the pad cool, which is ideal given how hot most babies sleep. The sateen sheet creates a really soft surface. Combined with a grid of two-inch square stitching, it resists wrinkling, giving baby a comfortable and safe interface that lays flat between her and the mattress, without the need of elastic-fitted corners. While this may not seem like much to the uninitiated, I’m very excited to no longer have to wrestle a tight-fitting mattress pad over the corners of the mattress. You’ll still have to deal with the fitted sheet, which sits over the mattress pad, but anything that saves me even a little bit of effort is so welcome! To add to the pad’s functionality, it is completely machine washable and can be tumbled dry – a must for baby bedding, given how often baby bedding needs to be cleaned. Using this mattress pad, I have no worries that I’m providing my daughter with the best sleep environment possible.

In addition to the mattress pad, Coyuchi carries all the essentials for baby’s bed and bath, including cute, hand-embroidered crib sets, blankets in an assortment of beautiful and sophisticated colors, burp cloths and even bibs. Also, baby doesn’t have to be the only one to benefit from Coyuchi’s natural materials, as they have an entire line of textiles, including bath linens, bedding and fashionable sleepwear for adults. So, in addition to swaddling baby in a soft cotton blanket, you can grab a Coyuchi robe or pair of pajamas and jump into a bed of Coyuchi sheets to wrap yourself up in the same organic cotton comfort. With Coyuchi, you’ll find great looking, great feeling and great-for-you products for the entire family!

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