Gunapod Luxury Duvet Wearable Blanket


There are plenty of sleep sacks and wearable blankets on the market but the Gunapod Luxury Duvet Wearable Blanket is one of my favorites, specifically for its incredibly soft fabric and warmth. Through lots of trial and error, we discovered that our daughter sleeps best when very warm. Because of guidelines for safe sleeping, we did not want to have blankets in her bed but also found that most pajamas just did not keep her as warm as she needed to be. We have tried probably every sleep sack on the market and found that each had some downside. Some were too warm, others not warm enough. Many had zippers that poked her in the neck or left dents in her skin when she slept on her tummy or were just too difficult to put on a wiggly sleepy baby. Others just didn’t feel very soft or seemed to wear out quickly in the wash.

My favorite thing about the Gunapod Luxury Duvet Wearable Blanket is the softness of the material. It really does feel like a high quality down comforter – not too heavy but still providing plenty of warmth, and so soft to the touch. Extra points for the cute colors and designs. It is a bit on the pricier size compared to some sleep sacks but absolutely worth the cost for something that she uses every night. This sleep sack also runs a bit big and the small size will last well beyond the 9 month mark so I won’t have to replace it with the next size up for awhile. When she does outgrow it I’m glad that they have sizes all they way up to 36 months. I won’t give this blanket all the credit because she was already trending in this direction, but since we started using it she has slept consistently better through the night so I don’t plan to mess with a good thing and try other blankets or sleep sacks now.

It is also very easy to put on because of the multiple different buttons and zippers. Perhaps this many be it’s only downside, if I can even call it that, because there are almost too many different ways to put this on or take it off and all the zippers and buttons add to its weight a bit. There are shoulder buttons if you want to just slip your baby into the already zipped blanket. There is also a zipper up the middle and along the bottom, in case you need to change a diaper but don’t want to remove the entire blanket.

If you are looking for a high quality, medium-weight sleep sack or wearable blanket, I recommend the Gunapod Luxury Duvet Wearable Blanket without hesitation.

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