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The moment you’re introduced to Little Giraffe, you’ll be drawn to it. Luxuriously soft, Little Giraffe’s blankets, towels and plush toys are meant to be worn and held close.  Try any item in the line, and the Little Giraffe brand is destined to be a favorite for both you and baby.

ChenilleLeaf_Blanket_SV-1Thick, plush blankets are their signature products, with a variety of elegant patterns and sizes ranging from 14” x 14” blankies to 29” x 35” receiving blankets. Pictured here is their Chenille Leaf Baby Blanket. So soft and inviting, these satin-edged blankets immediately call to be wrapped around your precious baby. They come in a variety of fabrics, all of which are soft and of very high quality, so you can’t go wrong buying for yourself or gifting to a good friend. With hardware floors at home, I especially love how the thickness makes these great floor blankets, so that baby has a warm, padded place to lay, roll and crawl.

In addition to their plush blankets, Little Giraffe also carries muslin, swaddle blankets.  I enjoy how their patterns carry through their entire blanket collection, so that my muslin blankets come in the same matching Leaf design as my plush blankets.  Sold in twos and providing ample coverage at 44” x 44”, these blankets are great for swaddling baby as well as for placing over the car seat to shield a napping infant.  I also find them helpful as cover-ups while nursing my baby since they are so light and breathable.



LittleL_BL-3While I immediately reached for the Little Giraffe blankets, the first item to catch my 3-year old daughter’s attention was the Little L Blanky from the Luxe Dot Plush Blankies collection.  She immediately latched onto the super soft plush lion with attached mini-blanket, a perfect travel-sized buddy.  The Little E Blanky, the elephant counterpart to Little L, is equally adorable, with both sporting fun green, pink and blue dots and a classy satin edge. Babies through toddlers will enjoy playing and snuggling with this lovable plush pair.






Harlow_GownIn addition to blankets and toys, Little Giraffe carries a line of infant clothing.  This Fall’s collection includes a lovely Harlow Baby Girl Layette, that includes a Racer Gown and Cap.  100% cotton, the clothing is lightweight and soft.  The cap has cute little ears on it, a fun touch on a very sweet outfit.  While the Racer Gown runs 0-6 months, the collection also includes a couple rompers, including a stylish Bathing Beauty Romper that runs up to 6-9 months.  Other items by Little Giraffe go as high as 24 months, including hoodies, jeans, snuggler footies, leggings, sleep sacks and robes.







LuxeSnowLeopard_TowelLast, but certainly not least, I want to mention Little Giraffe’s Luxe Snow Leopard Hooded Towel. About the cutest, most stylish kids towel you’ll find, this terry cloth towel is edged with soft, spotted plush that extends up to a full, plush hood, complete with furry ears.  It’s large enough to fully wrap your baby from head to toe, as well as provide ample coverage for a preschooler.  The first reaction from my little girl: “Mommy, is this just for baths or can I use it to play, too?”  Clearly, this towel is a winner.

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