Waterproof bedding from BSensible Review



Midnight sheet changes after an accident or diaper leak are always such a hassle.  If I have a clean extra sheet maybe I don’t have an extra clean mattress protector, or vice versa, and changing both adds extra time I don’t want to spend at midnight.  Why not combine a mattress protector and a sheet into one?  That’s the concept behind BSensible’s new bedding line that includes crib sheets and toddler bed sheets and pillowcases (twin size) in lovely colors including light and dark blue, forest green, soft yellow, cream, grey and white.  BSensible’s bedding is made from eco-friendly Tencel which is a natural waterproof material, and they state that it is infused with zinc oxide to soften and protect skin.

I tested the toddler sheet set that comes with a twin fitted sheet and a pillowcase in cream.  Out of the box, it smelled a little plasticky but once I washed it, the smell was gone and the bedding felt very soft.  It’s hard to evaluate whether the zinc oxide really helped anything but the sheets feel a little lotiony and very comfortable.  The waterproof barrier didn’t let any leaks through to the mattress, and didn’t make any of the rustling noises that you would normally associate with a waterproof mattress cover, which was great.  The fabric is also stretchy so it fit nicely on the mattress.  BSensible also claims the bedding wicks moisture away from the sleeper, and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton.  I personally found that the bedding slept a little hot, and my toddler’s head was damp from perspiration on hotter nights.  Also, while I can’t really judge how much better it is than cotton on absorbing, I definitely still needed to change the sheets after a leak because the top fabric was wet and uncomfortable for my child.

All in all, this is a great, eco-friendly, way to combine a waterproof mattress cover with bedding. I think there are some downsides to any waterproof system, such as sleeping hot, but BSensible’s bedding protected my mattress while feeling soft, and saved me a step during middle of the night bedding changes.  I will definitely use these, especially during potty training, but might use something else for the hottest nights.


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