InGenuity Automatic Bouncer


I’m a big fan of the Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer. It arrived in just a few pieces that were easy to assemble, although you will need a small screwdriver or two. My husband put this together in about 10 minutes and it was ready to go.

Most bouncy chairs don’t really bounce, rather they vibrate. This chair bounces naturally and seems to be getting more bouncy as the weeks go by. I’m not sure if that has to do with breaking-in of the chair or if my daughter weighs more now and her weight affects the bouncing.

The Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer is great to keep our baby upright right after she eats and falls asleep and we find that it helps her burp too. There is great padding in the chair, it’s soft and cozy. Plus it offers great support for our newborn’s head and body. The fabric in the area where my daughter’s bottom is easy to clean in case we have any accidents or explosions while using the chair. The strap is well padded too, so that it doesn’t pinch her legs and I like that it straps around the top of the belly.

The toy bar is good, not great, but I really enjoy that it is easy to move. It easily moves down into your baby’s line of sight and then all back when I want to take my baby out of the chair. I think she gets older I’ll look into changing the toys on the bar to add something new and different for her to look at.

I don’t like any products that make noise – so I don’t like the musical tunes, however the nature/white noise setting isn’t bad and my daughter seems to be soothed by it.

Overall a great product that we plan on using for many months to come.


$49.99 Target, Amazon, Babies R Us


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