Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump


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Double Electric Breast Pump

MSRP: $130

Weight 2 lbs, battery and AC adapter, no car adapter, 6 cycle speeds, 8 suction settings, standard bottle type, closed system.

The pump is flat with built-in bottle holders and timer. It is very lightweight, weighing in at about 2 pounds. While not as compact as some other pumps, it should fit into most larger purses or tote bags. It has separate controls for both cycle (length of pull) and strength of suction. This allows for a more customizable pumping experience and hopefully less discomfort.

The breastshields are hard plastic with a softer plastic “cushion” for comfort. Additionally, because the system is closed, the connector body has a special diaphragm design which blocks moisture or milk from collecting into tubes. While this introduces another piece for cleaning, you never have to wash the tubing or dry the pump tubes (which saves considerable time and energy in the long run). The valves come in one piece, which also allows for easier cleaning. The connecter piece fits standard bottle sizes, so you can pump directly into most bottles. The carrier bag, extra bottles, coolers, freezer pack, and larger breastshields are sold separately.

Overall, this breast pump is in the middle of the price range. While not the most portable of the pumps, it is very easy and comfortable to use and does an excellent job of expressing milk in a short period of time.


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